Data Science Education Opportunities at CU Denver

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Data Science Courses

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Programming for Data Science


MATH 1376 - Programming for Data Science

MATH 4650 - Numerical Analysis I

ISMG 4400 - Programming Fundamentals with Python

Probability and Statistics and Machine Learning for Data Science 


MATH 2830 - Introductory Statistics

MATH 3382 - Statistical Theory

MATH 3800 - Probability and Statistics for Engineers  

CSCI 4930/5930 - Machine Learning

CSCI 4931/5931 - Deep Learning

ELEC 3701 – Machine Learning for Engineers

BANA 6680 - Optimization for Machine Learning   

MATH 6388 - Statistical and Machine Learning


Data manipulation and visualization for Data Science


HIST 4261/ 5261  - Working with Data

ISMG 3500 - Enterprise Data and Content Management

MATH 3376 - Data Wrangling & Visualization 


Big Data for Data Science 


CSCI 4951 - Big Data Systems


Data Science focused Courses 


CSCI 4580 - Data Science  

CSCI 4455 - Data Mining  


Data modeling for Data Science 


MATH 3301 - Introduction to Optimization in Operations Research

MATH 4387 - Applied Regression Analysis

MATH 4830 - Applied Statistics 

Applications with Data Science 


 CSCI 3287 - Database System Concepts

CSCI 4788 - Bioinformatics 

ECON 4030 - Data Analysis with SAS 

GEOG 4080 - Geographic Information System 

GEOG 4081 - Introduction to Cartography and Computer Mapping    

GEOG 4070 - Remote Sensing II: Advanced Remote Sensing  

GEOG 4085 - GIS Applications for the Urban Environment 

GEOG 4090 - Environmental Modeling with Geographic Information Systems

GEOG 4091 - Open Source Software for Geospatial Applications

GEOG 4092 - GIS Programming and Automation

GEOG 4095 - Deploying GIS Functionality on the Web  

GEOG 4235 - GIS Applications in the Health Sciences

URPL 6230 - Urban Data Science



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