Data Science Programs

Speakers and abstracts for session #3 talks: Data Science Programs


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Matthew Watts and Adam Forland

Speaker Affiliation: Faculty at Red Rocks Community College

Title: Data Science at Red Rocks

Abstract: Red Rocks Community College has recently created a Data Science department. The program currently offers four Data Science courses with plans for more. This talk will summarize the history, current state, and future plans for the discipling at Red Rocks as we look for collaboration with other higher education institutions in Colorado.


Joshua French portrait

Joshua French

Speaker Affiliation: Assistant Professor, Mathematical and Statistical Sciense, CU Denver

Title: Data Science Degree Programs at CU Denver

Abstract:  We will briefly summarize the three main data science degree programs available at CU Denver: the Data Science Essentials certificate, the Data Science Minor, and the Data Science BS, as well as where the degree is going in the future.


Drone flying over dry landscape

Student Data Science Competition!

Students competed in a data science competition hosted on Kaggle. We will spend some time discussing the given problem and the students' work before presenting awards.

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