The goal of Data Science at CU Denver is to bring together Denver’s data science communities to enhance research and education in ways that would not otherwise be possible.


Data Science at CU Denver casts a broad net and includes any activities that use data to complement the discovery paradigms of theory, experimentation, and simulation. Data science is a critical vehicle for discovery in a wide set of applications in almost all academic disciplines and industry sectors, including health informatics, precision, and personalized medicine, engineering, physics, business analytics, geosciences, social studies, intelligent transportation, and cybersecurity, to name a few. In turn, the demand for data science expertise has created a vast workforce shortage, reflecting the need for hundreds of thousands of data scientists in the U.S. alone.


Our purpose is to build a cooperative hub for researchers, educators, students, and community partners to push the boundaries of data science and its applications in a cooperative environment. Join us!

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