2020 Education Session Talks

Lightning talks from CU Denver Educators sharing their perspectives on data science education on our campus

Session Format: We will view the talks one after another with time to write questions in menti.com (code 41 87 47 6) between each, followed by a live Q&A session with the presenters


Troy Butler headshot

Troy Butler

Speaker Affiliation: CU Denver, Mathematical and Statistical Science

Title: Introduction to a New Course for CU Denver: Math 1376 - Programming for Data Science


Joshua French headshot

Joshua French

Speaker Affiliation: CU Denver, Mathematical and Statistical Sciences

Title: Data Science Degree Options in CU Denver's Mathematical and Statistical Sciences Department

Dawn Gregg headshot

Dawn Gregg

Speaker Affiliation: CU Denver, Professor of Information System

Title: Programming Fundamentals with Python

Arlo Marlmburg headshot

Arlo Malmberg

Speaker Affiliation: UC Berkeley

Title: Student Teams in the Data Science Discovery Program

Diane Fritz headshot

Diane Fritz

Speaker Affiliation: Auraria Library, Geospatial Services Specialist

Title: Sidecars for Curriculum: (Geospatial) Data Science Groups on Campus

Dav Clark headshot

Dav Clark

Speaker Affiliation: Head of Data Science, Gigantum

Title: Teaching What Matters with Gigantum

Chris Holdgraff headshot

Chris Holdgraff

Speaker Affiliation: Berkeley

Title: Jupyter Book: Interactive, Open Books from your Notebooks

Farnoush Banaei-Kashani headshot

Farnoush Banaei-Kashani

Speaker Affiliation: CU Denver, Computer Science and Engineering

Title: How to Think Like a Data Scientist: An Introductory Course in Data Science Thinking

Andrew Schwarz headshot

Andy Schwarz

Speaker Affiliation: Louisiana State University

Title:  Developing First Person, Active Learning Tools for the Next Generation of Leaders

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