2020 Industry Session Talks

Industry professionals share their perspectives on data science

Session Format: Each talk will be approximately 10 minutes followed directly by a Q&A session based on the questions entered into menti.com (code 96 06 04 0)


Xiang Ji, Instagram

Title: Deliver a convenient and reliable platform to enable engineers to efficiently use integrity and support signals to create a safe and supportive Instagram community

Abstract: Instagram is a social network app with 1+ billion monthly active users and 100+ million daily uploaded photos and videos. Ensuring that IG is a positive force for people’s well-being is a crucial job at IG. One important problem for IG well-being is how to integrate the solutions of specific integrity areas (signal creators, e.g., hate speech) with IG product surfaces (signal consumers, e.g., IGTV, Reels). To address this problem, we built the signal platform as a one-stop shop for all types of signals and it works as insulation layer that hides the complexity between signal creators and signal consumers. The platform also provides measurement for signals’ usage, quality, and impact, as well as an automated workflow for signal lifecycle.

Bio: Xiang Ji is a software engineer at Instagram. Prior to Instagram, he worked at Bloomberg for 2 and half years. He got his PhD in Computer Science from New Jersey Institute of Technology in 2015. 

Cynthia Trotta, Mendix

Title: Low-code Lightens the App Dev Learning Curve for Data Scientists

Abstract: For the few who still question whether data scientists should also learn to code, let Cynthia Trotta of Mendix offer a faster, better way to say, “yes.” Using a low-code platform, data scientists can stay focused on their specialty and create apps quickly without relying on limited developer resources. In addition to learning the professional value of app building skills, hear client stories of data brought to life by Mendix.

Bio: As the dedicated Mendix University Success Manager and main point of contact for professors and students across 150+ global universities, Cynthia’s goal is to inspire the next generation of tech-savvy business students to build real-world solutions. Cynthia brings with her nearly two decades of customer success, account management, and partner success manager experience in software and high-growth technology companies.

Todd Barr, Lecturer Northeastern University - Remote Sensing & Precision Ag

Title: The Geography of Geospatial

Abstract:  While we say “location doesn’t matter” for work, there are areas where it’s “easier” to get a job in Geospatial than others.  We will discuss the cities and regions with a high level of concentration of Geospatial Jobs, communities and networks and causes these areas to be “key centers” of Geospatial jobs.

Bio: Todd Barr has been in the geospatial/data industry for 20 years. Assisting the Defense, Intelligence, and Emergency Management Communities in leveraging their spatial data and information sharing for mission success.   Over the past 5 years, They have changed their focus to Precision Agriculture, consulting with both large agribusinesses as well as smaller independent farms, leveraging Big Spatial Data solutions. They are currently the Director of Geospatial Products and Solutions at a Risk Management Firm. They are an active member in the FOSS4G (Free Open Source Software 4 Geospatial) Community, and they bounce around the country talking about Spatial SQL, R, and QGIS.  They hold an MSc from the University of Denver in Geography, where they focused studies on Unstructured Data and Ambient Geospatial Information.   They currently live in the Boston metro area.

Erin Patrick Owens, Executive Director, Cyber Defense Center

Title: Mastering Metrics that Matter: Momentum Metrics Revealed

Abstract: The CISO has the unique opportunity to present metrics that matter. These various metrics might be seen by auditors, management, executives, security teams, partners, suppliers, infrastructure teams, business leaders, and possibly even the Board of Directors. These metrics should align with corporate leadership goals, have lineage with strategy and mission, and/or provide value in a simplified and actionable format that will enable better decisions. So what metrics really matter and how do metrics gain or lose momentum on transformation security curves. This management presentation dives into the approaches and playbooks of successful CISOs and how the data they harness and report against can empower or derail security outcomes. We explore the art of dashboarding and the data science behind defense. This presentation will include actual examples of metrics and reports. This can even be an interactive management discussion that will use real-world examples from the audience members to tailor metrics.

Bio: Erin Patrick Owens is a professional speaker on cyber security topics and is a well-established and recognized futurist on industry threats and trends. He currently serves as the principle Cyber Security Architect for a Fortune 150 company where he is responsible for innovating cyber defense technologies to combat ever persistent cyber security and data privacy threats. Prior to this role, Erin has served as a CISO for 12 highly regulated companies and has delivered over 100 IT security related projects in the last decade to some of the nation’s largest enterprises. His work has been featured on FDIC roadshows, Gartner case studies, and success stories for the Unified Compliance Framework. Mr. Owens is foremost a technologist with extensive experience in both offensive and defensive cyber domains. His work has influenced the banking industry, Fortune 100 and 500 companies, credit card processors, large healthcare systems, federal agencies, and cyber defense firms. He is a transformational leader that is called upon by multiple CEOs, CFOs, CIOs, Compliance Officers, Auditors, General Counsel, and Board Directors to position their companies for success when trust needs to be established or renewed. His range of experience in the field of cyber security includes leading red teams, defending corporations, designing and architecting security defense technologies, leading cyber forensic investigations and fraud cases, leading and designing security, compliance, and risk programs at large companies, orchestrating incident response, organizing communities, leading public-private sector partnerships, and contributing to 100s of innovation projects. Mr. Owens continues to pioneer new and innovative approaches to the complex security and compliance problems organizations face and promotes holistic and value driven methodologies to unravel the enigma of IT risk.

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